The Separation Review

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Cover art for The Separation

Jon Bellion’s most popular, and most recent album to date, is The Human Condition. It's the album that caused him to skyrocket in notoriety when it went mainstream, and was even played on radio stations. However, it’s only one of several large projects he’s worked on since high school. Personally, I had no idea who he was until I heard All Time Low on the radio, but I was looking for more music to listen to and found my now favorite of his albums, The Separation, which was released in 2013. The album features 12 tracks, and is much more rap-centric than his other works. Five of the 12 tracks feature a rap sound rather than the more melodic or pop tones of his more well known songs like Simple And Sweet or Maybe IDK. The best example of this lies in the song Superman, The Gift & The Curse which has a sort of 90's rap vibe to it. The song, When The Lion Comes, even features Logic. One More Time is my favorite from the album because of how clearly it carries a message valuing passion for what, or more specifically who, you love over what somebody else may want. The raw emotion is still in every lyric of each song like his fans have come to expect, and the amount of heart he put into projects four years ago is just as apparent as it is today.