H.E.R. Vol. 2

Writer: Felicity Veliz

After releasing an EP in response to H.E.R’s Vol. 1, H.I.M has successfully done it again after releasing another EP named H.I.M Vol. 2 a few months back. This EP just like the other, is a response to H.E.R’s newest EP Vol. 2.

What makes both of these artists great is the laid back vibe they give to their songs which are easy to relate to. H.E.R’s tracks had the industries buzzing before she revealed her identity when she was first interviewed face-to-face. The male version of H.E.R has not yet revealed his identity but has done an amazing job hiding it with all the attention gained from his responses.

H.I.M seems to be a bit more mysterious when keeping his identity unknown, and we can only judge him by his music style. Although their genres differ just a little bit, there’s no doubt you will love H.I.M’s response to H.E.R’s Vol. 2. Listen to the eight tracks here.


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