The Fast and Furious Family Feud

Writer: Kameron Henry


This past weekend, New York Comic-Con happened and new movies were announced. Some people were excited for certain projects, while others were upset. Recently, Universal Studios announced the production of Fast and Furious 9. It was supposed to be released to theatres in 2019, but now it has been pushed back to February 2020. The reason why is because.. the Rock?

After announcing another Fast 9, Universal Studios also announced a spin-off movie featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnston’s character: Luke Hobbs. Most fans of the franchise didn’t really mind it. The person who really had an issue was Tyrese Gibson. Once he heard about the spin-off movie; Tyrese took to Instagram to express his feelings. To summarize the post, Tyreese was bashing Dwyane by saying that he sold out to the Fast Family. Then he went to mentioning that when producers asked Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Tyrese a stand alone film, they all turned it down. From someone who is a part of a,“family” I understand why Tyrese is mad. Even some other co-stars put in some of their two-cents. Vin Diesel posted a picture of all of them with only one word: Brotherhood. When asked by interviewers about how he felt about it; The Rock said his co-stars were ”childish”. Also, during filming The Fate of the Furious, The Rock mentioned that tensions were heated between certain co-stars.

In my opinion, the last movie was a good place to end the franchise. Having the The Rock being in a spin-off is pointless. I do believe that Tyreese's outburst in justified. I understand the commitment to staying loyal to “family.” Hopefully everything will turn out alright, and this feud will come to an end.