Top Five Disney Movies

Staff Writer-Orian Johnson

Disney Pictures

 Disney movies are part of most everybody’s childhood, and everyone has a favorite. This list (an opinionated one) entails my favorite five out of them all. This list will not include Pixar films.

Number 5: Mulan

Mulan gets the fifth spot on this list because of how much I remembered after having not seen it in years. The story is a powerful one based on true historical events, but with a talking dragon so that’s pretty cool. And let’s not forget that Be a Man is one of the most popular Disney songs, and for good reason.

Number 4: The Lion King

The Lion King sort of takes the viewer by surprise when the writers kill the main character’s father (sorry for spoilers if you somehow haven’t seen this film) right away. On top of that, it doesn’t feel like you didn’t know Mufasa at all. This movie has so much emotion in it, and wonderfully tells a story with vibrant colors and memorable characters.

Number 3: Hercules

Hercules was one of my first Disney films, and I’ve loved it since the first time I saw it. The movie tells an extremely cliché tale of heroism with a glaringly obvious moral focus of selflessness, but done beautifully. All of the characters, even that centaur guy, stick in your brain. You feel invested even though you know exactly how the movie’s going to play out. The soundtrack is just amazing as well.

Number 2: Emperor’s New Groove

As far as my opinion is concerned, this film is a masterpiece. Literally, every scene is enjoyable in some way, shape, or form. Whether it be character interaction, colors, music, or Patrick Warburton's voice, this movie is a solid 10/10.

Number 1: Lilo and Stitch

I love, have loved, and will always love everything about this movie. There’s so much love and effort put into such a simple concept, each character contributes some part to the story that truly makes it the amazing whole that it is. The soundtrack is relaxing and upbeat all at once, Stitch is adorable, and at some point you’ve probably tried to do his voice. This film gets the number one spot from me because it has everything going for it like Emperor’s New Groove, but I’m a sap for a story with a lot of emotion built in.