Eliminate Procrastination

Writer: Felicity Veliz

Procrastination kills everyone when it comes to trying to get things done. And when you’ve found yourself putting off important tasks, it can cause you to be behind on your schedule. Down below are some things that have helped me and may help you when dealing with procrastination.

Eliminate All Distractions- You start to take notice when something distracts you from completing your tasks. Only you know how to eliminate these distractions, so do so with responsibility. Whether it’s your phone, a video game, or social media, eliminating your distractions will help you stay focused and get tasks done so much faster.

Think Positive- If we always had a negative mindset, then we would probably never get anything done. Be motivated to achieve things now rather than waiting to worry about them later.

Utilize Anti-Procrastination Strategies- With procrastination being a common habit, it won’t be something you can just break overnight. Breaking a habit requires practice and patience. Some good strategies can be making up your own rewards when getting things done or identifying unpleasant consequences if not doing the task on time.

Focus On One Thing At A Time- Focusing on more than one task can cause confusion and stress to get them all done. Take one thing at a time and, and you may be surprised how far you can get.

Set Yourself Time-Bound Goals- Doing this will make sure things are always done on time, that way you won’t have a choice but to get it done before the deadline. Setting time limits for certain tasks will help you improve your life and everyday schedule.

Have A Nice, Balanced Schedule- I can’t stress this enough. A balanced schedule improves the the amount of tasks you can complete in a matter of days. Having a balanced schedule also creates room for other activities if important tasks are complete. Utilizing a planner can be one of the easiest ways to practice a balanced schedule. Some nice planners are sold at Target, Walmart, and Staples.

Remember: the longer you can spend without procrastinating, the more chances you have to be successful in your everyday life. To have a good chance of conquering procrastination, you need to spot straight away that you're doing it. Then, you need to identify why you're doing it and take appropriate steps to surpass the obstacle.