Pharrell x Chanel NMD Human Race

Writer: Andrew Martin

On November 11, there are four new NMD Human Race colorways coming our way, and we were already beyond excited about that. However, yesterday, Pharrell and Adidas took it to another level as pictures of a Pharrell and Chanel NMD possible collaboration shoe released. Yeezy Mafia tweeted the first pictures of it, and that’s all twitter needed to lose their minds. Should we really be that shocked though? Ever since Pharrell began partnering with Adidas, all we’ve gotten is greatness and surprise after surprise.

Here’s what we know, we see the picture being used as the cover photo and that shoe is a rumor as of right now, but the shoes in the picture below that features the interlocking C’s is believed to be a new sample.

Sneaker Bar Detroit

Adidas has been asked about both the alleged sample pair and the leaked photos pair from Yeezy Mafia, and to no shock Adidas couldn’t confirm anything. Obviously, there is no release date known considering we don’t even have 100% confirmation that either pair is a legit collaboration with Adidas. As much as we would love to know now, the sneaker community will have to sit back and wait on this one. For more information, stay tuned to as we update you on these shoes and all upcoming Adidas releases.