Indie Rock Spotlight

Writer: Garrett Shadwick

Duncan Fellows


Duncan Fellows is an indie rock band from Austin, Texas that you need to be listening to. Their music ranges from deeper songs about what they want from life, to all around good songs to rock out to. Duncan Fellows First Ep, Twelve Months Older, was released in 2013. Two songs that stick out from that is “Stolen Black Cars” and “Rich Man”. Their next project, Marrow, came out in 2015, with the song “Dark Eyes” being the most popular. In 2016 they gave a sneak peek into their new album with their song “Coffins”. Finally, in August, 2017 Duncan Fellows blessed us with a full-length album “Both Sides of the Ceiling.”

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The band has claimed that the album title “Both Sides of the ceiling” is their version on “Ying Yang,” and that is reflected in the album. The first half of the album is a constant flow of positive upbeat music, with songs such as “Fresh Squeezed,” and their second half of the album has some slower music, such as “Sway.” Whether you enjoy slow songs to piggyback on your sadness or some nice jams to yell with your friends in the car, you won’t regret giving them a listen. Overall, the band describes themselves the best, “Indie rock made by humans for humans”

You can find their music on Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp.

Listen to their music here!