Riverdale Season is Coming

Writer: Ashley Bow

Five questions I hope the new Riverdale season answers.

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On May 11, 2017, Riverdale season one ended. Now, the beginning of season two feels fast-approaching, and I want to address some of the questions I have about what will happen on and after Oct. 11 when season two begins.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. I highly recommend that you watch season one, especially before reading this article, but the decision is yours.

How will the dynamic between the main characters change?

Every show has to move forward. Otherwise viewers become bored and stop watching. These changes come in many forms, sometime in the storyline and sometimes in the conflicts. Most often for Dramas, the characters themselves change the most. The characters learn and grow and hurt, which makes dramas so fun to watch- they feel real. In Riverdale season two, I’m hoping to see a drastic shift in the dynamic of the characters due to this change. After all, Veronica’s dad will return, Jughead accepted the title of Southside Serpent, which Betty doesn’t seem too fond of, and Archi seems to have a slight, hidden affection for Betty. I’m no superfan, but if these relationships grow and develop the way it seems they may, I might just take one step closer.

How does Jughead change as a Southside Serpent?

On that note, I am particularly interested in seeing how Jughead’s character evolves. Betty became visibly nervous when he put on the Serpent jacket, and I foresee some troubles in their near future due to this. Continually, Jughead obviously longs for a place to belong, but consistently believes he does not deserve the people he wants to belong with. With the presentation of the jacket, he seemed to have found somewhere he felt he belonged, but how far will he go in order to keep that sense of belonging?

How does the reality of the change in Riverdale compare to Betty’s memorable speech at the 75th anniversary jubilee?

“Riverdale must do better,” she said. We must do better.” The audience, at the time, cheered, seemingly in agreeance. Change had to happen for Riverdale to become safe again. But these words are easier said in a heated speech than acted out rationally. I believe Betty will continue trying to make the citizens of Riverdale better and more honest, But what ugly truths will come out in the process, and who will try to keep those secrets buried?

How’s Cheryl doing?

I feel legitimate concern for this girl’s safety. From the constant looming of her parents’ unrealistic expectations to the death of her brother to the realization that her father killed him, she obviously had to go off the rails at some point. How far off the rails will she go? She already burned her house down, claiming it as the only course of action which could ‘purify’ the Blossom family. What will she do next?

And finally, who shot Archie’s dad and why?

Ah, the cliffhanger ending of season one. A robber shot Archie’s dad and, as Jughead so elegantly put it, “the last bit of Riverdale’s innocence finally died.” I’m not up to date on the latest fan theories, so I have no clue what to expect will happen with this, the leap into the plot of Riverdale season two. I can hardly wait to find out.