Lazer Team Review

By: Kameron Henry


On April 1st, 2003, a group of guys came together to make videos about their favorite video game, Halo. This channel is called “Rooster Teeth.” After many years, “Rooster Teeth” turned into one of the most popular gaming/comedy Youtube channels around. With the coming of Youtube Red, “Rooster Teeth” decided to create a movie. Thus, Lazer Team was created.

Lazer Team is about four small-town losers who find an alien crash. What they discover is a suit of armor. Instead of reporting this to the authorities, the misfits decided to check it out themselves. When one of the misfits touches the armor it becomes attached to him. Then the other pieces become attached to the other guys. After this happens, a message is displayed from our dead alien. It began to tells them that an unspeakable evil in enroute to fight Earth’s greatest warrior, and this warrior will be wearing this suit of armor. That’s all I can say about without spoiling the film. The rest of the film moves along pretty regularly. It has some serious moments. Then it’s evenly pair with comedic laughs. The movie all-in-all is a great film. This movie did so well that a second movie is in the work.

Lazer Team did something that hasn’t been done before. Not only being one of the first Youtube Red original movies. “Rooster Teeth” found a way to mix in comedy aspects ,and amazing story with such a small budget. If you ever need a quick laugh, I totally suggest this movie.