How the Millennial Mindset is Changing the World

By Maggie Holmes

Picture from The Millennials Manual

A Millennial is defined as an individual born between the years 1982 and 2002. A few stereotypical characteristics of the Millennial generation (my generation) include an excessive sense of self-worth, idealism, and optimism. These are the people that fight harder than any other generation to induce change in society. Whether that fact can be attributed to the rise of social media (a product of the Millennial generation), or the way in which they were raised by their Gen-X parentage; no one can deny the audacity and the sheer volume in which they voice their opinions about the injustices of the world. Whether it be by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any of the other numerous social outlets that people of relevance have access to today; everyone’s got something to say about everything. The interesting thing about the collision and intermingling of the ages on social media is the opportunity it gives us to observe the differences in values and, as this article highlights, the cohesive Millennial mindset versus its predecessors.

Take President Donald Trump for example. While I have absolutely no interest in venturing into the deep and troubling absurdities of this past election and it’s results, I do wish to draw out and highlight a prime example of how today’s “kids” oppose the behavior of their elders. Every time Donald Trump tweets something, it immediately proves to be controversial in some form or another. Whether it’s immigration, LGBTQ rights, standing for the national anthem, global warming, or foreign affairs, this man knows how to get the chiliad children going. As the reader, you may be assuming that I am implying that the general Millennial mindset is to fight an elder mindset; but, you have to remember, Millennials aren’t the generation of kids going against their parents. That would be your Baby-Boomer grandparents. No, these 1982-2002 babies are the generation to oppose any concept from any era, from any one.

The confusing and paradoxical beauty of this idea of Millennial Vs. Millennial is what sets us apart from older generations. In a way, we’re breaking the wheel of children resisting parents, and turning to children resisting anything in the way of human progress. This new, objective, platform we’ve created as the generation that cares about one-another enough to defy one-another in the name of progress will serve as the foundation for the people who live to colonize mars, erase racism and inequality amongst races and the workplace, see the last person die of hunger, and restore the polar ice caps to their former glory.

Fight on, Millennials.