Who is BennY RevivaL?

Writer: Tanya Nasimiyu


Recently on my timeline I stumbled into a video of a guy dancing with a clown mask to Spaceghostpurpp’s Bahama Diamonds only to later look around and find out that’s pretty much what he does, in addition to other interesting stuff here and there. BennY RevivaL is at this point assumed to be a Florida native, who has been on the internet for almost 2-3 years but recently gained popularity especially because he is mysterious. He tweets videos and pictures of himself and also his own music all the time but somehow leaves more questions than answers. Here are some reasons why you should keep up with him as well.

1. He makes good music.

Most of the videos Mr. RevivaL posts are for his own music, and as expected from someone like him, his music is very different. His production is very 90s-based along with his lyrics, and no matter how strange it may sound, he manages to pave together some gems on his own. All of his music can be found in all 50+ of his Soundcloud accounts where he manages to load all with music.

2. He owns A LOT of masks.


The amount of masks that are in this picture aren’t even all of them. Each picture or video he posts, he has a new one, and it’s not hard to imagine that his collection is huge especially because he started this almost 3 years ago. With the masks we get more questions of ‘How does he get money to pay for it all?’ or ‘How many are they in total?’

3. He’s a writer. On Instagram he has 3 accounts where he writes his books. On one account @Generational_Outbreak he writes about his childhood and the abuse he and his family had to endure from his father. He writes it with cynicism and makes it funny at times which makes you want to read more.

4. He can dress.


No matter what mask he puts on he has an outfit to match and stunt with. You can tell he doesn’t just wear anything because most of his outfits are well put-out. He doesn’t shy away from wearing “feminine” clothes either. All in all, when Mr. RevivaL comes out, he makes sure to style himself like no other.

5. He’s got moves.

Mr. RevivaL is a triple threat in all honesty, and his dancing just adds more intrigue to him. In the videos he posts, he’s usually dancing in his own BennY RevivaL way. A personal favorite is the video of him dancing to his own song “Whoop” from his North Florida Mixtape.

6. He’s a mystery.

At this point all we know is that he’s most likely from Florida, he’s mixed, and he loves what he does. He maintains a very phantom persona online, never replies to people, never follows anyone, and that makes him so much more interesting. The fact that no one knows who he is and why he does it is the reason he’s blowing up right now. Everyone wants in on the BennY RevivaL mystery.