SoundCloud Artist of the Week

Writer: Bryanna Houser

Dali Voodoo


Image: SoundCloud

Dali Voodoo might be the most popular artist that has been awarded our SoundCloud Artist of the Year. Dali Voodoo has some of the hottest tracks out in the underground scene today, and he hails from the great city of Dallas, Texas!

Dali Voodoo has tracks such as Decoration, Glasshouse, and his most famous track, Rainwater. His style is definitely unique to himself. His dress, music, and attitude are very different than those around him, and he makes sure to take advantage of that.

Dali’s music has cutting edge beats and lyrics to match. His hit song, Rainwater, has gotten so much press for one simple fact, it’s a bop!


Image: Cover art for Rainwater

Rainwater has the ability to cross multiple genres; from pop to rap to electronic. His south Indian pop sounding beat has that type of groove that will make you want to get up and dance, or at least bob your head.

His other songs induce the same feeling. Gang’s All Here is another great example of this. Produced by ColdBlood, this track allows you an inside look to Dali Voodoo’s life and has you jamming all at the same time.

Dali Voodoo has a bright future in front of him, and he’s already making big moves to secure his spot in this industry. Don’t miss the train and get with this man right now!

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