Tony Romo: A Hall of Famer

Writer: Garrett Shadwick

Whether or not Tony Romo is a Hall of Famer or not is very, very controversial. I’d go as to say it’s the most explosive argument I’ve ever had at a lunch table, or restaurant, or classroom, or pretty much anywhere for that fact. My opinion that Tony Romo is 100% fit for the Hall of Fame is not just fueled by my love for the Dallas Cowboys, but also just by facts.

Tony Romo, statistically, is one of the best Quarterbacks to ever play the game of football. With an overall QB rating of 97.1, 34,183 passing yards and 248 touchdowns, the phrase “Nah bro Romo is trash” just proves that you’re closed off to any discussion, facts, or common sense. Instead of just talking stats, let’s look at a few. Tony Romo has a QB rating of 97.1, 3rd of all time, behind Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson and Tom Brady. Tony Romo’s 4th quarter QBR is 103.5, 1st of all quarterbacks in the past decade. Romo has an overall 78-49 record- which comes out to a .614. Romo is also tied 6th for yards per pass attempt.



When looking at Tony Romo’s stats it’s clear that he’s HOF material. The one thing that Romo haters cling onto of hopes he never makes it is “he never won a super bowl.” While that is true and his playoff wins are scarce, Tony Romo can’t do it alone. Not one player can take a team to the Super Bowl. When the Dallas cowboys went 12-4 in 2014, the Cowboys had the 31st worst defense in the league; anyone ever hear the phrase “Defense wins championships?” Tony was able to take that team 12-4, but how is he supposed to carry them all the way to the promise land? While being on the topic of “He shouldn’t be in the HOF because he’s never won a Super Bowl”, how about these ringless Hall of Famers: Dick Butkus, Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, John Hannah, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Barry Sanders, O.J. Simpson and Kellen Winslow. What if we switched sports. I mean, I’m sure we can all agree that Allen Iverson and Charles Barkley were trash, right? I mean they never got a ring… see how ridiculous that sounds? It sounds just as bad when said about Tony.

Tony Romo for HOF.