Greta Van Fleet: A Classic Rock Resurgence?

Writer: Jarrett Crepeau

File:Greta Van Fleet.jpg

Photo courtesy of Loudwire / Troy Larson



As I was looking through Spotify’s rock charts, looking for new bands in particular, I discovered the gem and blast from the past that is Greta Van Fleet. Formed in 2012 by all self taught musicians in their 20’s, The band consists of three brothers: Josh (vocals), Jake (guitar), and Sam Kiszka (bass), as well as their drummer Danny Wagner. Together, they released their first EP Black Smoke Rising; which, is a short, but stunning blast from the past as Josh Kiska channels the power of Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin.

This band takes everything everyone loves about Zeppelin and adds their own flair, but I am convinced the Josh Kiska and Robert Plant are somewhat related. The way Kiska matches his vocal range gave me goosebumps the first time I heard him sing on the band’s single Highway Tune. Also, this got me thinking about the future. Will this embrace of the classics lead to a rise in that sound again? If Greta Van Fleet makes it big, will classic rock come back into popularity? I sure hope so.

While I absolutely love the grunge and 90’s rock, I cannot deny that the 60’s-70’s brought us some of the greatest bands of all time. From Zeppelin, Rush, and further back with The Beatles and the British Invasion, these bands laid the foundation for the future of music. It would be hard to find an artist today that wasn't at least a little bit influenced by one of these legends. This is why this band is so important. As we move forward and music evolves and changes, it is easy to lose sight of what got us here. So maybe after you listen to Greta Van Fleet, go back and see what they were inspired by. You surely won't regret it.