Why Tonight is Important for Dak Prescott

Writer: Anthony Aleman

Dallas Morning News

Dak Prescott faced what was more than likely one of his worse game of his short career so far, completing 30 of 50 pass attempts for 238 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. A QBR of 35.1, Prescott could not torch the broncos due to the stifling von miller lead defense that kept both the pass and run game of the cowboys shut down. The normal rhythm the cowboys show with Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott was nowhere to be found as the team could only muster up 40 yards rushing on 14 attempts. With no run game to worry about, the Denver defense spent most of the game pinning its ears back and blitzing Prescott to force him to try and beat the team by passing. Dak could not deliver for the most part, and the likes of Chris Harris Jr and Aquib Talib kept most of the cowboys receivers in check. This was not the type of game many cowboys fans expected; most expected Elliott to lead the way rushing which would in turn open up the deep passing game to receivers Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, however this never came to fruition and the offense struggled the whole afternoon. Dak Prescott and the cowboys now face an Arizona Cardinals team that they should beat by double digits, but with the tape out on how to bottle up the run game of the cowboys, will Dak Prescott be able to handle a Gunslinger game if asked to do so. The cardinals will more than likely come into the game with a similar defensive game plan as the broncos had: force the cowboys to pass and make Dak Prescott beat you, not Zeke Elliott. If the run game gets shut down, Dak will have to show he can lead this team past a Tyrann Mathieu and Patrick Peterson lead secondary. Right now, I see Dak Prescott as a park the bus kind of quarterback, not a drive the bus kind. What I mean by that it right now Prescott does not look like a quarterback who can lead you back from being down two or three touchdowns once the run game has been neutralized, without help he just cannot seem to do it. Dak must develop into a quarterback who can do more than just rely on quick short routes and play action, or else he’ll fall to the same fate as Colin Kapernick in San Francisco and many other who got figured out after short stints of success.