Danielle Bregoli Signs to Atlantic Records

Writer: Keonna Burnett

Danielle Bregoli Signs to Atlantic Records and is Now, “Bhad Bhabie?”


Danielle Bregoli not too long ago took the Internet by storm when she released the audio to her debut single entitled, “These Heaux”. The song explicitly discusses how she feels about girls trying too hard, and female negativity as a whole, and in some ways, she was right on the money! Many were shockingly impressed to see how Danielle continues to become successful simply by being her authentic self, and that she's fairly talented. Now the question we're all asking ourselves, is what's next?

For those of you who aren't familiar with Danielle, you may know her as 'Cash me Outside…’ the girl who I quote, “made” Dr. Phil after her episode aired late last year. Clips of the show soon went viral, resulting in her taking full advantage of her new found Fame on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram (live), and most recently YouTube, where's she's racked up a whopping 2 million subscribers in the course of 6 months.


On top of that, the 14 year old has acquired various brand deals, such as Fit Tea and Postmates on Instagram, not to mention the multi-million dollar record deal she signed days ago with Atlantic Records, where she now goes by the title of Bhad Bhabie. The label was quick to present her with a contract, soon after her song landed itself on Billboard top 100, naming her the youngest female rapper to ever appear on the charts.

Since the single, Bregoli's released a three of killer new tracks, including covers, along with one of her own pieces, currently at 6.6 million views and #11 on YouTube Trending. Overall, it's fair to say that her long awaited music career… seems to be kicking off on the right foot, and is attracting a different crowd. This could be good for her!