Cinematography in Modern TV

 Writer: Lauryn Jackson

Picture via TimeOut

Television shows watched in today’s time are significantly better from a cinematic perspective. In addition to plot twists and bold character development, modern TV shows are working to improve their cinematic appeal. Utilizing the art of cinematography in television adds a special touch to how shows are perceived by their audiences.

Picture via Marie Claire

 The, now frequent, use of developed cinematography skills opens up the world of cinema to the common TV show viewer. There are plenty of shows on Netflix, Starz, HBO, and several other top-rated TV networks that represent this new age of television. Paying attention to a show’s cinematography creates a movie-like atmosphere that entertains the audience beyond the standard surface level of satisfaction.

Picture via FLARE

Cinematography in modern television encourages creators in TV production to get creative with how they work. Ava Berkofsky, director of photography of HBO’s Insecure, recently explained her method of accurately lighting dark-skinned actors. In her interview with pop culture publication Mic, Berkofsky describes her focus on the surface area of light, reflective makeup, and polarized lenses to get the look she desires. Her dedication to detail results in the tasteful cinematic appeal depicted in the show.

Television continues to advance in modern-day through the increase in runtime and cinematic value. Over the years, TV shows have certainly come a long way as far as content and execution. In no time, TV shows streamed across various networks could be held to the same regard as topnotch Hollywood films.