Why We Need Cult Classics

Writer: Lauryn Jackson

 Pictures via IMDb

Out of all of the genres and generations of films, there’s one type in particular that captures the hearts of daring movie lovers everywhere: cult classics. Traditionally, movies that spike peaks of interest years after their initial releases are known to gain a new group of fans known as a “cult following.” Whether it be that these movies are discovered because of their age, or their boldness, cult classics pave a unique pathway into the film industry. Not only are cult classics a gem of the movie world; but, they’re quite frankly a necessity.

The existence of cult films break down the barrier that mainstream media involuntarily puts up. This breakaway serves as an outlet for filmmakers and fans with more unorthodox interests. These passionate followers are what fuels the popularity of this cinematic category. Without their mass following, cult films would continue to be neglected by pop culture. Cult classics allow the creation of subcultures to form as a result of the following behind them. Different generations of fans can interact and appreciate movies that weren’t necessarily appreciated in their own time.


Picture via Binge Media

 It is the outlandishness of these films that make them seem so timeless. From Pulp Fiction to Donnie Darko and Fight Club, the buzz about these iconic moments in movie history continues to grow. Watching a cult film is similar to walking through an antique store and appreciating even the weirdest of things because they were a fascinating part of the past. Cult classics inspire those who watch, and those who make movies, on such an extraordinary and eccentric level. Without these movies, the darkly intriguing side of moviemaking would stay hidden.

Next time you find yourself bored with the movies currently hitting the big screen, try a cult film. There are plenty to choose from and even more just waiting to be found. As October approaches, putting on a cult classic is the perfect way to start getting spooky!