Update On Russ


Writer: Felicity Veliz

After working on a successful album, Russ is back gifting his fans a flurry of releases in a span of just a few days. He starts with releasing “Think Twice,” then “Prosper” and “Maybe” shortly after. For russ being known to be the only person to mix-master and produce his own music, he surprised his fans by trying something different when recruiting Scott Torch to handle all the production of each cut. He has kept the trend going with his newest project “Wife You Up.” Shockingly, this was not the only surprise Russ had for his fans. He also surprised his fans with John Mayer guitar feature. Although the feature with John Mayer did not include vocals, an appearance from a seven-time grammy award winner is always appreciated when looking for a career boost.



On “Wife You Up,” the subject matter doesn’t swerve much from Russ’s expressions for his significant other, showing his appreciation for the one girl that was with him from the start. He this all through his aspiring career as he promises to give up running around with other women for her sake.

“You was tryna know me/ When they didn’t know me/ Girl we fell in love we both worked at the mall/ Way before the rollie/ You were just my homie/ You were tryna love way before I had it all,” the Atlanta raised rapper says.

With “Prosper” and “Maybe” featuring a much more bouncy, upbeat atmosphere in both production and lyricism, “Wife You Up” partners up with this series’ opener “Think Twice” as it embraces a much more downtempo approach in delivery.

Most recently, Russ has been enjoying his success, especially since his album was announced a gold plaque for his There’s Really A Wolf debut album after selling the equivalent of over 500,000 units and a platinum plaque for his “What They Want” single, once it reached 1,000,000 benchmark.

With “Wife You Up” being the first song that features a big known artist, the song received a million plays the first 24 hours released and is currently one of his most trending songs as recently discussed on his twitter. The song itself has his fans buzzing and eager to find out what he has in store for them next.

Overall, I am happy to see Russ continue to feature talented artists in his songs that will help him get the publicity he deserves. I’m pumped to see where the Atlanta-raised artist will take his music the next few months.