SoundCloud Artist of the Week


Writer: Bryanna Houser


Rikki Blu



Image: Twitter

Rikki Blu is a rapper hailing from Pleasant Grove. He’s killing anybody that steps in his way to success. Thankfully for all the other DFW rappers, they’re smart enough to stay out of his way.

Rikki Blu is one of my favorite rappers, not just locally; but, globally, simply because he is so raw and real, two concepts that get lost in the limelight. Fortunately, Rikki is able to remember the people that helped get him to the top, his fans.



Rikki Blu has a sound unique to himself that is very hard hitting and emotional. His EP “Pleasant Grove” is a perfect example of all of this. He explains his experiences growing up in the rough neighborhood of Pleasant Grove and all that goes along with it. He has such an open, no BS approach to this project, and you can’t help but to connect to him.


Image: Cover art of Water

His most popular record, and my personal favorite, Water, is simply titled for a reason. It has a simple message that accompanies it; we have to help each other get to the top. With the assistance of his producer, TrapGrazeTragik, he is able to relay this message loud and clear. Rikki’s gift of lyricism is what allows him to be so successful, and he proves it with every single he releases.

Rikki Blu proved his top shelf lyrics in his addition to the hit hashtag #DallasLyrisictChallenge where he spit his freestyle and amazed everyone, friends and foe alike.

This is one artist that you should not sleep on. Check out as much of his stuff as you can, you will not be disappointed!

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