The Five Best Songs From Middle School

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson


Cover art for Doo-Wops & Hooligans by Bruno Mars

First thing’s first, I would like to emphasize that this list is opinion based, and “your” song might not be on it. I’ll also try to pick two songs per genre at the most because I could go on and on about T-Payne, Drake, Weezy, Usher, etc.

Alright, so looking at the title, you’re probably wondering when exactly I was in middle school. I’m using middle school as sort of a gauge for those who were in their pre-teens or early teens (13-14) around 2011 and 2012. Songs like the ones I’m going to be listing are the ones you hear and either start singing along or just smile, and weren’t necessarily released when we were in middle school, but were popularized during that time.

Number five is undoubtedly Firework by Katy Perry. This song is simply impossible to sing along to, whether it be the chorus or the track in its entirety, and just about anyone from the ages of around seventeen to twenty will either sing along or at least acknowledge that they know it.

At number four is Rolling In The Deep by Adele, and while it was the number one hit song in 2011 (for good reason), I do genuinely enjoy the song, and it’s still one of her most popular songs to date.

Number three is Grenade by Bruno Mars, an “old-school” classic and favorite of many. If there was a list of his most popular song from each album, Grenade would be at number one from the album Doo-Wops & Hooligans. Those who love the song will most likely close their eyes and try to capture the passion of the music as they sing along, and out of the five I’ve chosen it’s the most sung by our age group in my experience.

Number two would have to be The Motto by Drake. A song which didn’t have that great of a reception with our age group because at the time, explicitly vulgar music was much more frowned upon. It was a song that coined one of the most popular phrases at the time:YOLO, a phrase that still hasn’t completely died out, and again, most everyone around the age I mentioned earlier could probably start singing along if they heard it.

Now the absolutely undeniable number one song from our middle school days is U Remind Me by Usher. This song is another I would dare to call a classic, and I truly believe R&B today is missing the type of sound from songs like this, Buy U a Drank by T Pain, and several others, it’s still a favorite of mine to this day.