Wolf Children Review

Writer: Kameron Henry

 During a quiet Labor Day, I found myself looking for a new movie to watch. Scrolling through the Apple Store, I came across this movie called Wolf Children. I saw the cover and thought this could be interesting to watch. Then at the end of this movie; I was crying my eyes out.

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Wolf children was directed by Mamoru Hosoda and came out on July 21, 2012. He has directed the Digimon: The Movie (2000), Summer Wars (2009) ,and The Girl Who Lept Through Time (2006). The art style of the movie is absolutely stunning. The animation is so smooth and looks like you're playing a video game. Also the music that is paired with the scenes makes everything flow together.

The plot of the movie is about a 19-year old girl named Hanna. She meets she meets this man and fall for him. the catches he has a secret; he's part man part werewolf. After sometime living together they have a daughter named Yuki, then a year later a son named Ame. The father is killed trying to find some food for his family. The rest of the move is to raise her half wolf/half kids children. See the two children hav having to struggle to hide their wolf from humans. Then the kids must choose between living as a wolf or living as a human.

Wolf Children is an amazing movie. It takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. it shows how far parents will go to benefit their child's life. I suggest if you want to have a great movie watching experience I totally suggest Wolf Children.