The 2010 - 2016 All Time Rangers Team: Intro

By Michael Bier

Source: Darren Carroll Photography

The Rangers have been contenders since 2010, and if an organization is able to contend for that long, they’re bound to have some noteworthy players that you could only dream of seeing on the same team. About a week ago, I began to think about this, so I decided to put all the very best players that have played for the Rangers over the past six years on the same team, and the end result is jaw dropping. There were so many guys worthy of recognition (especially the relievers), but only 25 of them made the cut.

**Here are a couple things I took into consideration while assembling the roster**

- Rule #1 - If a player was acquired late in the season, they were ineligible to make the team. If they performed well enough during the year in which they were signed, traded for, claimed, etc… They were considered an honorable mention. These players will be classified in red.

- Rule #2 - Relievers were required to have at least 40 innings pitched. There were far too many relievers that did extremely well, but just didn’t have the same amount of innings as others. These players will be classified in blue.

- Rule #3 - The roster had to be built with strategy. As much as I’d love to just throw the absolute best players on the roster, you can’t have a bullpen full of righties and no lefties, you can’t have a bench with no backup catcher, and you can’t have twelve hitters with only one of them hitting from the left side. Despite the statistics, strategy is key to success in baseball.

- Rule #4 - Nobody from the 2017 team qualifies. This rule is in the same line as the first; they both have to do with players not playing a full season. Once the 2017 season is over with, I’ll consider remaking this list with players from this year.

- Rule #5 - Number of players for each component of the team HAD TO BE STUCK TO. As hard as it was to not try and cheat my own system, I only allowed myself 5 starting pitchers, 8 bullpen arms, and 12 hitters (3 being on the bench). The bench had to have a backup catcher, bullpen had to have at least two lefties, and the rotation couldn’t be all one handedness.

You’ll begin to see the components of this roster get posted every weekend, starting with the starting pitchers. I hope you’re as excited for this as I am, and if you don’t mind, please share this with your friends, family, co-workers or basically anyone you know, because this took a lot of time and dedication to make.