Caesar's Freudian

Writer:Bryanna Houser

daniel ceasar.jpgImage:Genius

If a leopard never changes it’s spots, how can I change what I’ve got?” This is only one of the mind boggling questions Daniel Caesar offers up in his latest album Freudian. Daniel Caesar is one of music’s most slept on artist to date. Much like Gil Scott Heron, Daniel Caesar challenges the status quo in the music business.

Daniel’s soothing vocals were first accepted by the mass media with is excellent single Get You, which features another amazing artists, Kali Uchis, but before his success in the mainstream, he had killer hits on underground platforms such as SoundCloud.


Cover art of Freudian

His record We Find Love might be the prettiest, most heartfelt record I have ever heard. He originally released it on his SoundCloud profile, but thankfully decided to add it to his album along with other great song such as Blessed, Best Part ft. H.E.R, Take Me Away, and album titled single Freudian. On this project Daniel has a hard hitting line up of features from Syd from the Internet to Charlotte Day Wilson.

Daniel Caesar is a diamond in the rough that is killing the R&B and Soul game. I’m super excited to see what comes next from this young man. Catch his latest music in the iTunes store, and for all my Apple Music subscribers, watch his Up Next videos to learn more about him.