Review of the Part 2's

Writer: Tanya Nasimiyu

Asap Mob, Brockhampton and Lil Uzi all have one thing in common other than making music. They decided to drop part 2 to their already-established, and highly-praised, albums Cozy Tapes Vol. 1, Luv Is Rage and Saturation. Not only that, all albums were released on August 25th along with another tidal wave of new music.


Cozy Tapes Vol. 2

The much anticipated album release for Cozy Tapes 2 really took a turn in my opinion. At first listen, songs didn't really stick out much to me like the first album. Production was better than the first by far but at first listen, they didn't seem to do the job of catching the listener except for songs like Perry Aye with Jaden Smith on the chorus and Please Shut Up. After the 3rd listen through I realized I came with misplaced expectations for the album. Cozy Tapes 2 delivered the A$ap Mob standard, with bop after bop in songs like Coziest to Get The Bag. When it comes to individual performances A$ap Ant and Ferg really delivered their personal best.


Rating 7.5/10

Favorites: Get The Bag, Perry Aye, Walk on Water & BYF


Saturation II

For all we know Brockhampton probably sits in a room and thinks of the most unorthodox things and puts it into their music, but it works. The self proclaimed “boy band's” second album came with very eccentric tracks in comparison to anything they have ever done. Especially with songs such as Junky and Sunny. Not to mention the 90s driven production in Queer and Tokyo, but they lacked the cohesion they had in Saturation I making the it sound like singles compiled together rather than an album. In terms of individual performance JOBA and Matt Champion’s work on the album can be qualified as their personal best.


Rating 8/10

Favorites: Jello, Sunny, Sweet, & Swamp


Luv Is Rage 2

Going into this album the expectations weren't high because Lil Uzi’s best project was the first Luv Is Rage. Leaving him with a few stand alone songs from his other two projects that can match up to the content in Luv Is Rage. Right of the bat with Pharrell in Neon Guts, the part 2 did not disappoint one bit. The album shares the same excitement from the beginning to the end with songs like Early 20 Rager and Sauce It Up. Despite the praises a variation in production would have been the cherry on the top and set it aside from all the typical beats that we hear with every album.


Rating: 8/10


Favorites: Neon Guts, UnFazed, Pretty Mami, & For Real