Meet The Artist: September


Every month we will have artists who interview on our radio show. Their music can be heard throughout our show. They are trying to move from the underground scene onto the big stage and we are providing an outlet to broadcast their music. Here are the month of September artists.


Mason Galindo

Hampton Lamar


Hampton Lamar, 22, is from Mansfield, Texas. He is currently spreading his music throughout the DFW area and state of Mississippi while being a student on the Dean’s List at the University of Southern Mississippi. Hampton has released three singles this year, providing a hype song with "I Been". He slows it down with a smooth summer beat in "What's The Slide?" but shows off his singing ability in his recent release "See Me ft. Vince Ryouta". He plans to release two new singles this month and hopes his movement will shift today’s hip-hop community. You can find Hampton on Twitter @TheHamptonLamar.


Dandii Sun


Born in Pasadena, California, developed in Arlington, Texas, and broadcasted in Dallas, Dandii Sun is a one-man traveling act within himself. He truly skims the grey area between the dark expectations and shimmering unpredictability of the North Texas/ DFW hip hop uprising. Although fluent in the language of "song-write" he also finds solace in any and all aspects of art, ranging from painting and drawing to sculpting and creative writing, hence his six-part collective "Obey The Art". His most recent debut, "Tree Dancer," is the first of a three-part story focusing on mans' dependency of self communication, even if you must use a tree as a character to do so. We await the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, as he has promised the release of new music, visuals, and all other things under his sun. Follow him @ObeyTheArt and be on the lookout for Dandii Sun.


Aric Evans


Aric Evans is a rapper who started spreading his music through the U.K. He is currently sharing his music with the Fort Worth area and provides chill music to get you through your mellow days. Evans released his debut album “1995” in August and has a variety of beat switches in “95 Xans” but transitions to a very chill vibe with “Hernandez.” The album contains a variety of skits in just about every song to connect with his listeners. "1995" can be listened to here. You can find Aric Evans on Twitter @AricEvans_.




MinoTheLatino, originally from New Orleans, is a rapper and producer located in Arlington, Texas spreading his music through the Dallas area. He gives a smooth, upbeat feel in his song “KushGhost,” that has a catchy hook. He recently released “August Freestyle” and “CA$H.” These tracks provide a soothing beat and R&B vibe. Mino announced that he is finishing up his debut project “These Things Take Time” where he will produce and engineer the whole tape. He will also be releasing a series of songs under the playlist “PROMISES” through his soundcloud in the meantime. Follow the series here. You can find him on Twitter @MinoTheLatino.


Bryson Cole


Bryson Cole is a rapper from Mansfield, Texas who is spreading his music throughout the Denton area while attending The University Of North Texas. He released his album New Wave which is available on every music platform. Bryson brings a smooth, lyrical taste to his music. He also uses his music to speak about what he stands for, which are conveyed in his freestyles. Cole announced he will be releasing an album this fall or winter named Worth The Wait. Here is his latest single while you wait for the album. You can find Bryson on Twitter @BrysonColeTX . Listen to New Wave now.




Kaleeks is a member of JVNLS, a rap group from Arlington, Texas who has a tough-gangster like feel to his music. His fan favorite songs are "Becky", "Why Hate?" and his newest track “Civilized Savage”, with the music video highly anticipated on all social media outlets. Kaleeks collaborated with fellow JVNLS rapper, Teo BLK, on a hot track called "Filthy". He is currently working on an EP that is expected to drop this fall. In the meantime check out his Soundcloud.You can find Kaleeks on Twitter @Kreepaleeks. Be on the lookout for him as he rises through the underground scene.


Jimmy Of The Saints


Jimmy Of The Saints is currently developing his own rap group that will go by the name of Blessed Co. He is from Galveston, Texas but is spreading his music throughout Nacogdoches, Texas while he attends Stephen F. Austin. Jimmy can bring a variety of styles to his music. He slows it down in his song “Window ft. Alexisxo” but brings a smooth upbeat bonus track with “Black Mamba ft. Pro-C & Peej”. Check out "The Saint". He recently announced that he will be releasing a collab mixtape , “It’s Only The Beginning”, this year. You can find him on Twitter @JimmyOfSaints.