SoundCloud Artist of the Week

Writer: Bryanna Houser




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MinoTheLatino might be one of the smoothest rappers in the Metroplex! His thick, raspy voice is one that’s easy to remember no matter where you hear him. He has a Rico Suave type of demeanor about him that is very lovable. This guy also has some of the dopest tracks out right now.

MinoTheLatino is a producer, engineer, and recording artist right here in the Agg. He came to Texas from New Orleans and I can’t be the only person that’s happy about that, especially considering the way he’s been representing the DFW. His music is a refreshing mix of slick lyrics that cause you to think, and club beats that make you want to dance. The best example of this is his most popular track “Ca$h”.


Image: SoundCloud

Ca$h” was inspired by the classic Wu Tang Clan record “C.A.S.H” and that inspiration is definitely reflected in the music. His beat is one much like Ice Cube's “It was a good day”. You involuntarily start to bob your head to the flow with it's light hearted nature. Mino’s flow is telling the listener how he plans on making it big in the rap game and how he’s going to “get the money”.

His other tracks are just as hypnotizing, “Temptation” featuring Mon Malakhi and TDayanri, “Kush Ghost”, and “Xannn” are some of the other fan favorites. He has plenty of songs to jam to already, but thankfully for us he’s in the studio right now working on a debut project, “These Things Take Time” . Keep your eye on this guy, he’s making waves in the rap game and is about to blow up.

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