Odd Stats

Writer: Andrew Martin

Stats are a part of every sport, we see them in all aspects, yards, batting average, field goals made, and so on. However, there are always the stats you hear that make you think to yourself, “who in the world is in charge of knowing this kind of stuff?” If you haven’t heard any odd stats in your time as a sports fan, then this article is for you.

The first weird stat that comes to my mind is one talked about every February when it’s time to watch one of the biggest spectacles sports has to offer, the Super Bowl. Twelve of the last thirteen Super Bowl winning teams have been the team wearing white. I’ll go ahead and answer both the questions you had after reading that. Yes, it’s a real stat, and no I’m not sure how you’ve never noticed that before. The only team that has not worn white and won the Super Bowl in the last 13 seasons was the Green Bay Packers when they defeated the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

American Football International

My personal favorite weird stat is the NBA 2K curse, and yes 2K is just a video game but it does have real life applications in this context. If you don’t know already, the 2k franchise puts out each game a year in advance of the current year, for example, although it’s only 2017 2K will release 2K18 this September. With that being said, this curse dates back to NBA 2K14 when Lebron James was made the cover athlete while playing with the Miami Heat. The following year Lebron James announced he was leaving Miami to go home to Cleveland again. Next, 2K15 came out with Kevin Durant on the cover as a member of the OKC Thunder, and the next year he also left to join the Warriors. 2K16 came out the following fall with the Pacer’s own Paul George on the cover, but then just like KD and Lebron, he was traded to the OKC Thunder. Just as we all started to notice this 2k curse, the curse began to evolve when Kyrie Irving was made the 2K18 cover athlete. Shortly after announcing him as the cover, Kyrie notified the Cavs organization that he wanted to be traded. A few short weeks later and he had his wish by being traded to the Celtics, and suddenly the curse had struck again. The trade prompted the NBA 2K twitter account to quote one of their previous first look tweets with the caption “whoops.”

Source: NBA 2K