Update on Paramore

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Cover art for Paramore

Alright so first thing I need to say is that the American rock band Paramore happens to be my favorite band, so there will be lots and lots of opinions. With that out of the way, I’ll get right into it. Paramore’s been around since 2004, releasing their first studio album, All We Know Is Falling in 2005. The lead singer has been Hayley Williams since the band was formed, but the other members have changed around a bit in the last 12 years. The bassist at the time of their first studio album was Josh Farro, and his brother Zac Farro was the drummer. Even at that time, the band’s members weren’t concrete. The album’s theme was centered around parting with their other bassist Jeremy Davis. The emotions behind the lyrics in songs like Franklin emphasized the feeling of loss, and Emergency referencing the divorce of Hayley’s parents. Two years later their second album Riot was released, featuring songs that captured the sound from the first album like Crushcrushcrush and Misery Business. This album debuted another guitarist and some backup vocals from Taylor York, who’s been with the band ever since. The album also features my favorite Paramore song: For A Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic. Their junior album afterwards in 2009 was titled Brand New Eyes, featuring another of my favorites, The Only Exception, which ended up receiving a Grammy. The sound here was still thick with emotion, but not all of the songs had a sad or somber tone to them. A whole four years later, after the teaser song Now in 2013, the band released a single on YouTube that almost immediately hit the front page called Ain’t It Fun. Long time fans either loved or hated it, and most new fans fell in love right away. Regardless of how people felt about it, the album Paramore still came about with an entirely new feel to it. The album had a whopping 17 songs on it, and despite whatever the band had been going through, the music had a much stronger pop feel than previous songs, albums, and EPs. It happens to be my favorite album of theirs as well. Their most recent studio album came out this year, after fans thought that Paramore was kind of well…done. Then on April 19th, 2017 the first song from their fifth studio album After Laughter dropped on YT, and again stirred up old and new fans, racing to the top 50 of virtually all top 100 charts worldwide. The song is called Hard Times, and while the title is self explanatory, the album in its entirety is really something else. It feels new. Whether you’re an old fan or somebody looking for music I would highly recommend Paramore. There’s such a long history in every album and every song, and there’s so much to listen to. If I were you I’d get started.