The Most Underrated Rappers on Youtube

Writer: Cinceir Holmes

From 2pac and Biggie, to Lil Uzi and Lil Yatchy, rap to others has evolved or devolved in anyone's opinion. Rap and hip hop being our two main music genres in our generation everybody wants to be a rapper. At the end of the day though we all have that one friend with bars for days and then there are those with bars for eternity. We also have Youtubers who make us think, “MAN why doesn't he or she have a record deal yet?” today I’m gonna put you on to my personal top 5 lyricist who I deserve a bigger fanbase.

Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas is a amazing artist with impeccable flow. Along with his different styles he has mastered the way of telling two sides of a story through one song while also sending a message out. You can never say he is too deep or he is too hype this man keeps putting out songs with styles you'll never expect. He keeps us all on the edge of our seat. His new album (508) 507-2209 keeps him high on the list as well. Here are some of my personal favorites.

  1. Winter Blues
  2. Ross Capicchioni
  3. Sorry

Street Light

A young artist still coming up Street has been in comedic vids with DashieXp and working with other artist on this list like Shizzy Vl. Through his storytelling music he gives off so many different vibes that's it crazy. Taking real life events from his own experience or not he puts it all into a track. To add on to this he is also a Christian rapper so he is educational, inspirational, lyrical, and above all else family friendly. I suggest you check out his latest project DARK SUMMER.

  1. Bully
  2. August 6th
  3. Brother.

Shizzy Vl

Vl Seconds, Poseidon, Shizzy Vl, or the Anime Rap God; this artist goes by many names but under anyone of them he can still kill any beat. Starting his YouTube career through freestyles based off cartoons, anime, video games, or even comics; Shizzy is a young man from Brooklyn making a way through music. Growing up he was a bullied kid and uses his experience in his music. He may not be family friendly like Street Light but he is just as lyrical if not more so. He keeps his music honest but also can change between a slow or fast flow along with softer or stronger lyrics. He's worked with Street Light, Devvon Terrell and many more.

  1. Dear Father
  2. Boondocks freestyle
  3. The Gawd
  4. Hakai

Bugatti Beez

Bugatti Beez is one of those different artist of the generation. He started off on YouTube doing skits, and comedy videos. Later on in his career he started making music even doing a song with Futuristic. With a great flow and hard hitting lyrics along with his unexpected skills in the art of hip hop he is a force to be reckoned with.

  1. Gang$ta
  2. Donuts In The Lambo
  3. Wassup ft Futuristic