Labor Day Weekend To-Do's

Writer: Felicity Veliz

As far as holidays go, Labor Day seems to be one of the few holidays that are celebrated less than others. And with living fairly close to one of the Lone Star State’s third largest city, people still find ways to stay home all weekend. Let’s dive in and see a few things you can do during this long weekend.

  1. Go to the aquarium

    The aquarium happens to be one of the most visited places in the city of Dallas. It consist of exotic animals such as stingrays, manatees, and Bonnethead Sharks. Luckily, Dallas World Aquarium ranks nationally in the U.S. It will be open from 9am-5pm Labor Day weekend.

  2. Go to the lake

    Going to the lake has to be one of the most common places to go during the summer. The lake not only creates a nice environment for family and friends to have a good time. One of the most nearby visited lakes in the DFW area is Joe Pool Lake.

  3. Arcade

    This one is not as popular as the others. But because people don’t think about going to the arcade during the holidays, it’s the best time to go because it creates something different for people to do. Round One will be open 10am-2pm and Alley Cats are 10am-11pm this weekend.

  4. Visit a museum

    Museums are usually not the first thing people think of when looking for something fun to do. But you’d be surprised how different and unique each one is. The World’s Largest Dinosaurs at the Perot Museum will end their summer traveling exhibition on Sept. 1. The general exhibits admission for a total admission can be found on their website and open 10am-6pm everyday.