History of the Headgear

Writer: Andrew Martin


FINALLY, College Football is back. Clemson beat Alabama in a thrilling National championship game to end the 2016-17 season last year, and ever since then we’ve been patiently waiting for a new season. Here we are now at the beginning of September with a new season kicking off, and with that new season comes one of the most watched sports television shows, College Gameday.

Anyone that loves college football knows all about College Gameday, it started in 1987 and has since become the number one Saturday show to watch on ESPN. While the show is hosted by Rece Davis, and has past athletes like Desmond Howard, Kirk Herbstreit, and David Pollack apart of the cast, the true star of the show is Lee Corso. Corso is the only member on the cast that was a part of the original premiere for gameday in 1987, and he may be the reason that most people watch. Corso is known as the loveable and eldest man on the show, and while Corso is a very smart analyst and offers insightful information throughout the program every week, it’s all about what he does at the end of the show that draws in viewers. On October 5th, 1996 College Gameday visited Columbus, Ohio for the Ohio State vs Penn State game, at the end of the show they went around the table each making their prediction for the game as they do every show. When it was Corso’s turn he decided to do something a little different to make his pick, he grabbed the Ohio State mascot head and put it on, the crowd absolutely loved it and ever since that moment the headgear selection has become a tradition for every show.

Detroit Sports Nation

Entering the 2017-18 season College Gameday will make their first trip of the year to Atlanta as number three Florida State takes on number one Alabama in a great week one contest. College football junkies are excited for a football filled day kicking off with Gameday in the morning, and with the first gameday of the year comes the first headgear selection of the year. Corso will be choosing between FSU and Bama, and I predict that the Alabama elephant will be the first piece of headgear put on by Lee Corso this season.