Dodgers and Astros Going All In

Writer: Brandon Fuller

With the Verlander trade going through, it is certain that the Dodgers and Astros are planning for a battle of the ages in the World Series this year. With both teams leading their respected leagues by a decent amount, (the Dodgers a tad bit more than decent), it is looking like these teams might walk their way into a major World Series bout. This can all be due to the smooth decisions of the two GMs.

Source: Bless You Boys

The Dodgers started making moves early on with grabbing Darvish at the July 31st “deadline”. While Darvish has struggled previously this year with the Rangers, he is becoming as seasoned as a nice steak and has proved to the Dodgers that he is not leaving relevancy anytime soon. While Kershaw has recently come back off the DL, the Dodgers have put their full trust into Darvish and kept him in the rotation going into September, and ultimately the playoffs. He has already lowered his ERA by a full point in his starts with the Dodgers, and with the solid run support behind him, he’ll do just fine.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

The Astros on the other hand have made two huge deals recently, one being Cy Young and MVP winner Justin Verlander from the Tigers, and the other being Cameron Maybin from the Angels. The Astros obviously have a well-rounded squad going into the end of the season, but it never hurts to bring in a few more guys to help solidify your late October chances.


While Verlander may have not had the prettiest season, he still knows how to hurl the ball, and with less pressure on his shoulders with his immense run support behind him, Verlander should be able to help the Astros coast through September effortlessly. Maybin on the other hand gives the ‘Stros another complete player to throw in their lineup whenever some of the outfield starters need a break.

Now I’m not trying to make an outlandish statement or anything, but I have a feeling that these two teams are trying to morph into the “superteams” of the MLB. With these fine additions to the two powerhouses, we should go ahead and pick our sides and get some merch to support them as they go to war soon enough in the Fall Classic.