Oklahoma City is in Danger

Writer: Marcus Carr

Source: The Big Lead

Mr. Triple Double, The Loyal One, Brodie, The 2017 MVP, or Russell Westbrook has the Oklahoma City Thunder on their heels. It has been merely two months since Sam Presti and company offered Westbrook a five year, $207 million contract that would’ve made him the highest paid player in NBA history. Since then we’ve seen his former teammate, James Harden, ink a four year, $228 million contract with the Houston and west rival, Steph Curry, sign a five year, $201 million contract. These contracts are considered “super-max” contracts that are available to players with 10 years of NBA service.

With Westbrook having OKC very anxious and nervous right now, let’s take a look at why he hasn’t inked the deal. One could only hope that the arrival of Noah Westbrook, Russell’s newborn son, has delayed the contract extension process. He could be in the midst of adjusting to being a father, husband and NBA star all at once. The contract would put Westbrook at the age of 34 when it expires, this is very much a big life decision for Russ. Westbrook has until October 16th to sign the deal before he has to wait until the 2018 off season. Oklahoma City would then be in a disastrous place, if the heartbreak from Kevin Durant couldn’t get any worse, Westbrook leaving would be unbearable. The Thunder put all their chips in this season on Westbrook and Paul George, but could Paul George be a reason behind Westbrook being hesitant to sign a longterm extension with the team. Sam Presti has to be monitoring the situation very carefully, and he has to consider all possibilities if Westbrook doesn’t sign the deal by the deadline, that includes shipping him out of town. Sam Presti works in silence, and one could only hope that Westbrook and George will both be returning to the Thunder for the 2018 season.