The Power of the Mustache

Writer: Brandon Fuller


Source: Sports Illustrated

There are little things other than performance-enhancing drugs that can truly take an athlete to the next level. Well, that and a sick mustache. One man who has harnessed and truly displayed the raw might of a well-executed stache is none other than the walk on turned to a two-time Heisman candidate, Baker Mayfield.

The Sooners’ senior quarterback is now going on his third year as the primary slinger of the Oklahoma offense, and he isn’t looking to stop yet. At the end of the past two seasons, the de-facto Big XII Championship game has been played in the season finale against Oklahoma State, and in both of those games Mayfield pulled out a wild card… His Hulk Hogan-esque mustache. As you can guess, it was a decisive victory in both of those years.

Source: Sports Illustrated

The trend began in 2015 as the 10-1 Sooners trotted into Stillwater hoping to punch their ticket to the College Football Playoff with a Big XII Championship under their belt. All they had to do was beat Oklahoma State by any amount and it was theirs. The Bedlam game is always a wildcard though… Take a look back a 2014 for example as the heavily favored Sooners lost in overtime to the Cowboys. With that in mind, Mayfield took it upon himself to bring an edge to the game. In turn, him and his fellow QBs grew out some biker staches and blew the doors off the boys in orange and black.

Mayfield’s excellent mix of his pass and rush attack led him to scoring three touchdowns out of the team’s total of seven in this 58-23 bloodbath. Hell, he even pancaked a defensive back which led to Mixon walking in with the 66 yard TD.

Source: YouTube

If that doesn’t scream Heisman productivity, I don’t know what does, (but I digress). With such an efficient win, this had Mayfield thinking, “Hey, maybe this thing kinda worked.” A calendar year passes, and it has come time for a crucial Bedlam/Big XII Championship game once again. As you may have guessed, the stache made a huge comeback.

After an early season collapse, the Sooners had a chance to finish 10-2 with an undefeated Big XII record and a Sugar Bowl bid. This time, the showdown came back home to the “Palace on the Prairie” in Norman. The Crimson and Cream crusaders did not disappoint dropping the Cowboys 38-20. None of this was possible without the dramatic, drawn-out plays by Mayfield. His passing attacked pulled out a hat trick with 3 TDs including a 69 yard, impromptu BOMB to Dede “TD” Westbrook.

Mayfield had a pretty solid hunch that the Sooners were going to win because as soon as the game ended, he ripped off his pads displaying a homemade “Back to Back” Big XII Champions shirt he had been wearing the whole time.

Source: OU Daily

With the 2017 schedule looking as tough as ever with Ohio State and an additional, actual Big XII Championship Game at Jerry World, it will be fascinating to see how and when Mayfield brings out his glorious stache once again. Until then, we can only predict how the “new Sheriff in town” will perform in his next stache-ified showing.