SoundCloud Artist of the Week

Writer: Bryanna Houser
Bengii Worth

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Bengii Worth is a Dallas rapper (AKA One Time Bray of the rap group, JVNLS)

whose raspy voice and dope ass lyrics are some of the most hard hitting in the metroplex.

Bengii Worth, or Bengemin Bray, is an Arlington native that helped make the rap group JVNLS back in 2013. His flow is the kind of crafty found in Childish Gambino's music and ability to use word play to get his point across. Although Bengii is a part of JVNLS, he still releases his own solo records. One of those being his most popular track to date, ”Nash”.


Cover art for Nash

Nash is titled after the star basketball player Steve Nash, who is referenced multiple times throughout his rhymes. Nash has a beat that will get you hyped to do anything from take a test, talk to your crush, or of course, play an intense game of ball with the homies. It features one of the JVNLS star rappers, Stoney the User, whose high pitched voice is a great contrast to Bengii’s raspy sound.

Bengii Worth is full of incredible records that cause you to start dancing in your seat like “42”, “Sugacoat”, and “Used To”. Although Bengii doesn’t have a full EP released, all of his singles and projects with JVNLS keep us only wishing that he did have one. Keep up with this young talent on Twitter @inBRAYwetrust.

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