Turn Up Tunes

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

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Cover art for the song O.G

I do choreography as a hobby and am always down for a song with a good bass drop, but not solely for dance. I enjoy vibing or turning up at parties with hype songs as well. If you identify with either of those statements, well, the musical stylings of the artist from south London known only as Troyboi are pretty amazing not only for practicing musicality, but for hype at a party or show as well. Troyboi’s songs are all electronic dance and hip hop, and even the songs with lyrics have very little. He also centers the beat around drums, each song starts with and has a focus on drums. Maybe that’s the reason EDM is such an underground genre of music. As far as albums are concerned, he hasn’t released one yet. He is however saving a lot of work for a debut album coming soon, according to Reid Golden of noiseprn.com. Hopefully that album, Left Is Right, comes to us sooner rather than later. Not that his singles are bad, far from it actually, and he’s been making them since 2013, one of his first being Souls. Since his career has been entirely singles, he appears on albums and has a lot of collab songs as well. Appearing first on All Trap Music Vol. 3 in 2014 with 4321, then volume 4 in 2015 with Fireman, and five other guest appearances on mixtapes albums and EPs. His most recent single, Troyboi has his own unique sound that’s even in his collaborative tracks whether he’s on the build up or the drop. My favorites are ili, which has a bit of an old school vibe to it, and Grimey, which is a bit more on the “for dance” spectrum in my opinion since it has a very punctuated repeating sound for the beat. I encourage you to read his most recent single, What You Know? Even if it’s not one of my favorites, because Troyboi has something for everyone in his music, and he’s an artist who deserves your attention for at least on song.