Logan Lucky Review

Writer: Ashley Bow

Starring such familiar actors as Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, and Daniel Craig, Logan Lucky was set out from the beginning to be an interesting experience. The movie, centered around the plan to rob Charlotte Motor Speedway, felt like a new, more interesting take on the bank heists pulled by Bonnie and Clyde (even the brother’s names, Jimmy and Clyde Logan, match this theme).

The film opens simply enough with Jimmy Logan, played by Tatum, working on his truck with his surprisingly-mechanically-adept daughter, Sadie. But life is not as nice for Jimmy as the opening scene portrays. His ex-wife, who has full custody of Sadie, plans to move over the state line, and Jimmy doesn’t have the financial stability to follow, let alone fight legally for custody. As such, he goes to his brother to plan a robbery of the ‘bank vault’ below the speedway.

Though many questions arose often throughout the movie, they were answered at a slow pace. Some questions waited until the last ten minutes to get answered, and some of the answers addressed questions the audience hadn’t even known existed. The usage of this technique kept the audience on their toes without confusing or annoying them.

Much of what I disliked about the movie came from the cinematography and music selection. There were a few scenes in which an object came in and out of focus of the camera repeatedly. At first, a cool effect, but the technique became overused, quickly pulling my attention out of the movie. Continually, the music throughout the movie was very upbeat. This choice works well in scenes intended to be comedic or lighthearted. However, in more serious scenes, happier tunes played in the background and distracted from the movie.

Overall, though, the movie was entertaining and fun. The end of the film tied around to the beginning, neatly ending the movie in the same manner it began, with a fun song and a reminder of the reason Jimmy decided on his path- the love he held for his daughter.