Are you “Confidently Lost”?

Writer:Bryanna Houser


Sabrina Claudio is one of music's lost jewels. Her treble heavy voice is one that hypnotises you. Her lyricism is like no other, she is able to talk about topics from drug abuse to relationship drama, you get it all with this beautifully engaging vocalist.

Hailing from Miami, Florida this sloutrist gained her fame through her YouTube channel, UrbanPouvoir, where she covered artist such as Beyonce and Mariah Carey. Her most popular cover was a mashup of Bryson Tiller and Mariah Carey called “Don’t Shake It Off”.

Since then Sabrina has released one studio album titled “Confidently Lost” that ended up ranking number 38 in Best Ever Albums “Top 40 albums” chart. Which, after listening to the record, isn’t a surprise.


Cover art for Confidently Lost

Sabrina’s voice is so mesmerizing, that no matter what she is singing about you would instantly fall in love with it. Thankfully her lyricism is just as good as her vocals. Her vulnerability and openness on every track is impressive.This is not any more apparent than in her track “Confidently Lost” (sharing the name with the album).

In this song she lets it be known that she is “not hiding anything”. In the song she speaks about how her lack of a romantic relationship only makes her more comfortable and confident in herself. She mentions how she doesn’t need others to define her for her to love herself in both her personal life and her music career.

Sabrina just recently released a new single titled “Belong To You” which leads many to believe that there is soon to be another album from this songstress. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll be playing Confidently Lost on repeat until that time. Keep an eye on Sabrina Claudio, she definitely has big things coming to her.