Best Dancers of 2017

Writer: Cinceir Holmes

Everybody loves some music right? From hip hop, to rap, jazz, R&B, soul and more, we all have that certain type of music we like to dance to. Well, there are those with groove in their heart that are ruling over 2017 for our entertainment.


King Imprint

Benny Imprint, better known as King Imprint, is not only a dancer but a true representative of our community. From being apart of the fresh empire to being a main character in a Youtube Red movie he proves you can do anything you put your mind to as long as you stay focused and work for it. He has worked with a multitude of amazing dancers and has even been in the music videos of major artist.



Kida The Great

Leon Burns, aka Kida the Great, is one the best and one of the youngest in the game. He started off with simple videos that went viral ranging from dance battles and freestyle dances. These all lead up to him being on So You Think You Can Dance and winning at age 15 in the year 2016.



Another big name in our generation of dance is Fikshun. At 18 he tried out for season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance. After that he performed on World Of Dance multiple times by himself and with Dytto another mention on this list. His goofy but extraordinary style of dance entertains all who watch him perform.



If you know Fikshun you have to know Dytto. From World Of Dance, to modeling, to comedy this beauty with rhythm does it all. Performing with Fikshun and many more young performers of our generation she is a inspiration to many young dancers.




Ayo and Teo are our generation's newest members of the performing world. Ayo and his younger brother Teo have been performing since they were young from talent shows, to parties, and more. Teo being the creator of the popular dance craze of called “reverse” helps get their names high on the list as well. From videos to performing with Usher, and being in his music video for No Limit, along with their popular mask gimmick this duo is hard to beat.