Bry’s Declassified School Survival Guide

Writer:Bryanna Houser


Image: The Odyssey

With school just right around the corner, the question of what to expect comes up a lot. So I decided that I would share my senior wisdom and give my version of the hit Nickelodeon TV show Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and give you all my top 5 rules to survive high school.

5. Do your work


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Now this one might seem like a no-brainer, but you might be surprised how many people get themselves stuck in a bad situation simply because they didn’t do their work. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but if you just read that book, takes those notes, or turn in the calculus assignment on time your life will be so much easier.

4. Don’t get caught up



High school is a point in your life where a lot of things change, you’re going through puberty, having more responsibilities, maybe even getting your first chance to drive. The idea of dating can be appealing to a high schooler, but it can be a dangerous game. You have to be careful not to get too deep into these because most of them won’t last more than 4 months. Now I’m not saying never date, or that it’s impossible to fall in love in high school, I’m just saying remember why you’re there and protect your heart.

3. Use your connections



High school is a whirlwind of emotions and new experiences that can be tough to deal with, but one way that you can help manage that is by using the connections that you have. Those teachers that you hate are there for a help you. If you ever don’t know how to do something, go to tutoring and ask your teachers for help (Bonus Tip: teachers are more likely to boost the grades of students they like and that try). The emotions of school can also be hard to handle, sometimes you just need to talk to someone that's been through it (i.e not your friends) for their advice, that’s what your counselor is here for. Using the people around you to help you get through these four years is probably the smartest thing you could do.

2. Make relationships


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I know earlier I said don’t get caught up in the relationships you have in high school, which you shouldn’t, but also don’t be afraid to make them. Not just romantic relationships, but friendships as well. These friendships will last you a lifetime, you’ll remember them forever, even if 20 years from now you don’t continue to talk to them, they will be in your life. And those friends don’t just need to be the kids in your grade, make friends of the teachers, cafeteria ladies, and principals, pretty much anybody can be a friend to you, and those are the relationships you should hold on to.

1. Enjoy your time


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We’ve finally come to the last one, and thankfully it’s the easiest. All you have to have fun! It doesn’t matter how you choose to do this last tip as long as you enjoy it. My favorite option is to simply get involved in school organizations. Do this by joining band, student council, cheer, debate club, whatever it may be, just get involved. Also going to sporting events are a great way to spend your time in a positive, fun manner. Graduation day will be here before you know it and you don’t want to look back on high school and realize you spent all your time stressing over class.

These are simply my top 5 rules to make high school just a little bit easier. Feel free to take these tips and tweak them to fit your situation. If you think I missed something, leave a comment down below and let me know what your top 5 would be.