People to Politicians

Writer: Kyle Pearson


During an election time where the only two candidates seem like the worst possible choice, one may ask how they even got into this situation. Lack of voter participation is a problem that seems to be unavoidable every four years. However, with the past election it seemed the whole nation had something to say about why or why not they support whomever they do. This is not necessarily a bad thing, sparking the interest of inactive voters has motivated them to become more engaged in politics.

For most Americans, the past election of 2016 was a time of question. Lack of voter participation can often end in what seems to be two unqualified candidates battling for the oval office. In fact, a report from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning at Tufts University found in 2014, youth voter turnout fell to its lowest level on record. Younger citizens tend to be less involved in politics because they are uninterested and sometimes seem to be unaffected. However, the person themselves is not at fault, it is wrong to expect to know better when they have not been educated otherwise and are even forced to support their parents political point of view.

As a person is growing up they consider themselves supporters of whatever political party their parents are in favor of. This is not terribly wrong because who is to know better when they are shielded from most things going on in politics and they are affected less by what happens. Young adults should shape their own beliefs as they get older and discover what they want for themselves in the world of politics. Now I am not saying as someone gets older they should stray away from their parent’s political status, but one should develop their own perspective on the matter.

This past election has opened the eyes of many young voters and allowed them to gather a sense of political awareness of how our new leader is selected. This involvement of younger generations can be the needed push to voter participation. These young adults will one day have children and hopefully will raise them with a stronger political awareness than they may have been taught while growing up. Now this is not to say that younger citizens have no political awareness because they do, yet it is not developed enough due to lack of interest in the matter. Yet there is still wonder as to why these younger generations are suddenly interested, perhaps they have seen what happens due to lack of voting and hope to prevent it in the future.

The youth of today have a sparked interest in politics and the hunger for information is only growing. Political knowledge of the youth will only make for a brighter future for our children. Educating each other on different political viewpoints will allow us to come together as a community and a nation. Sometimes a terrifying election can result in an era of knowledge and growth, so don’t be afraid to learn more about how our country works.