Romanticism in Lyrical Form


Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

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-Cover art for The Human Condition

Jon Bellion is another singer/songwriter whose music was suggested to me by a friend (rather than me just Googling the most repeated phrase of a song on YouTube when I get home). His music is of the hip hop R&B genre and he has a lot more in terms of content than the other two artists I’ve covered. His channel features his debut album, The Human Condition which made it to number five on the charts in the US in 2016, and two of his four mixtapes: The Definition and The Separation. Scattered Thoughts Vol 1 was his first mixtape which he released in 2011, and Translations Through Speakers came out in 2013. He’s also featured in Beautiful Now by Zedd, Dead Presidents by Travis Mendes, and Obsession by Vice. Bellion’s lyrics range from thought provoking romantic and intimate with songs like An Immigrant to songs that are just him telling a story about his life like Dead Man Walking. Even deeper still, in songs like Human depict the world through his eyes and put the listener in a place where his emotions and experiences are perfectly translated.

Whatever the type of song, there’s power in the lyrics regardless due to the sheer honesty and raw emotion in every line. He makes music perfect for every hopeless romantic out there, including myself. For good reason as well; Jon Bellion started his career as a musician after making the difficult decision during his junior year of high school to ditch basketball for music. After that, it’s no surprise that at a young age his lyrics would reflect how jumbled his emotions must have felt. As for his more recent music, the lyrics give off a much more somber tone, though not necessarily a saddened one. He still has upbeat and happy songs, but he’s simply mature and experienced so much more since that time in his life, which in turn means his outlook on life is reflected in his music. Guillotine, my personal favorite, is a track from TTS about finding somebody who continues to love you for who you are without caring at all about your past and moving from the mistakes you make. You’ve probably heard All Time Low on the radio or in Wing Stop at some point.

Whether you’ve only listened to some or haven’t heard any at all, Jon Bellion is another artist whose music you should tune in to. Check out a few songs from every mixtape and album.