Ranking The MLB Stadiums


Writer: Marcus Carr


I recently finished visiting all 30 MLB Stadiums, and since Bryce Harper and I are both of the Make Baseball Fun Again mission, I am going to break down all 30 stadiums ranking them in order; I factored in location of the ballpark in the city, intensity, fans, food and also the team itself.


30. Guaranteed Rate Field

Home Of The Chicago White Sox.

Most baseball fans know, this is the worst stadium you can attend. The stadium is pretty equal to the team itself, a disaster. The team is actually be better than their stadium, and their team is 25 games under .500 right now.



29. Tropicana Field

Home Of The Tampa Bay Rays

This is easily the worst indoor stadium, it has been open for 18 years and looks like it has been open for 40 years. It isn’t very impressive by any means I would be in no rush to visit the Rays or even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium.



28. Oakland Alameda Coliseum

Home Of The Oakland Athletics

First of all, why would Kevin Durant want to go here? This is another situation where both the team and stadium is a broken down landmine. The city of Oakland as a whole was a let down, and now I know why the Raiders moved out of there. I still can’t believe the Warriors got Kevin Durant to take LESS money to go to this place.



27. Turner Field

Former Home Of The Atlanta Braves

When I visited Atlanta this was the stadium open, so I can’t speak for SunTrust Park, but you can only imagine how bad it was if they put up a new field after 19 years.



26. Citizens Bank Park

Home Of The Philadelphia Phillies

I hope that the Phillies are going full on Sam Hinkie and trusting the process on this one. This only fell into the bottom five because they didn’t serve nachos, what American baseball stadium doesn’t have nachos? Obviously not a good one.



25. Great American Ballpark

Home Of The Cincinnati Reds

This stadium falls way low because of the location of the stadium. Maybe all of Cincinnati is run down, and has mosquitos the size of birds, but I was expecting way more than this speaking it is the home state of Lebron James. Lebron James 2020, to get the mess in Ohio fixed.



24- 22. Miller Park, Chase Field, and Rogers Centre

All three of these stadium are extremely interchangeable for me, they all have the same type of field and set up as each other.

Miller Park

Home Of The Milwaukee Brewers

Miller Park only has one entrance and exit… who thought that was a great idea? Plus they have a cheater on their team.. Thanks a lot Ryan Braun.

Chase Field

Home Of The Arizona Diamondbacks

The location of this stadium literally feels like you’re in the desert but that might be how all of Arizona is.

Rogers Centre

Home Of The Toronto Blue Jays

Rogers Centre had the best fans out of the three, even though as a Rangers fan, I hate them, they support their Blue Jays, and the stadium is very clean.



21. Comerica Park

Home Of The Detroit Tigers

I might have been really generous on this stadium because I almost got my face ripped off by a laser home run from Miguel Cabrera but this stadium is very unique to me, the field design almost feels like any team who visits needs a speedy center fielder or we might see an inside the park home run.



20. Progressive Field

Home Of The Cleveland Indians

This stadium is a surprise to be this low for most, but they threw somebody out of the game for throwing a home run ball back. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, at any regular ballpark you get boo’d if you don’t throw it back, and praised if you do. The guy didn’t get praised, he got thrown out, this brings me back to Lebron James 2020, Ohio needs to get it together.


19. Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Home Of The Los Angeles Angels

First off, why is the team named Los Angeles Angels if they aren’t in LA? Honestly, the rocks in center field are a whole lot more impressive on MLB The Show. The two helmets or hats outside the front gate look very poorly made and throw everything off. I am still not sure if they are supposed to be helmets or hats.



18. Minute Maid Park

Home Of The Houston Astros

This is another stadium that is indoors, and almost the same design as the others, but what sets it apart is the cleanness of the stadium and the train, that thing is actually really cool. It also helps that they have Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa on their team to watch.



17. Coors Field

Home Of The Colorado Rockies

Going into this stadium I had a lot of expectations but was kind of let down. The stadium feels very condensed into a small area of the city. Everything about this stadium made me feel like I was in a tight spot. It was overall average.



16. Nationals Park

Home Of The Washington Nationals

I really enjoyed this stadium because there is no area in the park has obstructed view of the game. This was one of the stadiums that exceeded my expectations, it was very well-kept inside and out, and felt modern.



15. Target Field

Home Of The Minnesota Twins

This was another stadium that exceeded my expectations, I really didn’t think there was anything in Minnesota but the stadium is very spaced out and has a great view. I was surprised by the futuristic, technology driven feel to the stadium.



14. Petco Park

Home Of The San Diego Padres

I would recommend this stadium to any animal lovers out there, they have their own section of animals. The only downside to this stadium is that there was more fans from the opposing team than Padres fans.



13. Safeco Field

Home Of The Seattle Mariners

This stadium has two giant screens and the team store in this stadium is really impressive being two floors and having a whole lids store in the team shop.


12. Citi Field

Home Of The New York Mets

Some think this is the better of the two between Yankees Stadium and Citi Field, I disagree, I think it's very comparable to the Globe Life Park, the fans here fell well short of Arlington.



11. Kauffman Stadium

Home Of The Kansas City Royals

This stadium is in what seems to be a big hole in the ground, it's not ground level. The screen in this stadium is huge and the water fountain is really impressive.


The top 10 stadiums is where it gets extremely close and most these are very debatable.


10. PNC Park

Home Of The Pittsburgh Pirates

PNC was great, the whole batman feel to city, the fans and how open it was. The only problem with this stadium was they didn't enforce people to be at their seats so it was inconvenient.


9. Globe Life Park

Home Of The Texas Rangers

Globe Life is one of the most unappreciated ballparks I've been to behind my number 4. I was absolutely shocked when they said they were going to build another stadium. The cleanness and the stadium has a classic baseball feel.


8. Marlins Park

Home Of The Miami Marlins

I wish I could rank this one higher but the part of town it's in deducts a few points from it. But this stadium is by far the best dome stadium in the league. I would compare it to AT&T Stadium in Arlington.


7. Yankee Stadium

Home Of The New York Yankees

This stadium is relatively new but still has a very historic feel to the stadium. The stadium is in the right part of town if you want the historic feel.


6. AT&T Park

Home Of The San Francisco Giants

Most will say I ranked this low, but I think I ranked it very relative to where it belongs. This stadium is really nice, and I sat right by the bay in right field. But there was a lot of hype that it didn't live up to, there wasn't anything that set it apart besides the giant coke bottle in left field.



5. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Home Of The Baltimore Orioles


This one might shock most, but the fans of this stadium were impressive. The whole electricity throughout the stadium alone puts it in the top 5.



4. Dodgers Stadium

Home Of The Los Angeles



The fans here are some of the best, I don't think I saw an opposing team shirt throughout the whole stadium. It helps that Clayton Kershaw had a no-hitter through 6 ⅔ innings. This is your 2017 World Series Champion as well.



3. Busch Stadium

Home Of The St. Louis Cardinals



This is a baseball town, everybody in the whole family goes to every game. Surrounding this stadium is its own town for baseball activities.



2. Fenway Park

Home Of The Boston Red Sox



Fenway in general is a classic stadium, I did both a tour of the stadium and went to David Ortiz’ farewell tour, oh and A-Rod’s last game against the Red Sox. So that adds on top of the feel. These fans are again a close second the number one, but can be considered number one in most books.



1. Wrigley Field

Home of the Chicago Cubs



The fans of Chicago are unmatched and relentless. Wrigleyville is a whole different world. It helps that I went to the first World Series game here but the historic and modern feel to the stadium is unlike any other. The feel and electricity throughout the stadium is unmatched and the ivy on the outfield wall is one of a kind. I would recommend visiting this stadium anytime you're in Chicago.