Throwback Jerseys Are A Beautiful Necessity

Writer: Brandon Fuller

Source: Uni Watch

Ahh, the ole powder blues and stirrups sure can make a modern day game of baseball feel like “the good ole days” to some. And why wouldn’t they? Sometimes you just have to throw on those sendback unis and have a little more fun while playing the game. I always make sure to watch the Rangers duel against the Astros, or sometimes even the Angels, in some glorious throwback uniforms.

But, as in all things, there’s always a right way and a wrong way to do them. Let’s take a look at the NBA first.

We can go ahead and not talk about the throwback Raptors and All-Star jerseys as you’ll easily see those on any frat boy who roams campus. Alternatively, look how the Mavs took an approach to honor the past:


Source: Dallas Mavericks

A subtle uniform that stills appeals to the eye of the average viewer while still representing the old Mavs quite well. This is a nice way to do a throwback outfit. But with every trend, there is a dark side like the NFL thinking it’s “hip” to dress the Steelers up as bumblebees.


Source: Bleacher Report

Come on, guys. The first rule of making a pleasant throwback is having a good, original jersey beforehand. The early days of football weren’t too fashionable if you don’t remember. Not to go on a Steelers rant or anything but at least go with a good looking old uniform ― not the awful leather helmet days. That goes for you too, Green Bay.

Anyways… without mentioning the more, dare I say “ugly” alternatives, most sports teams capture the essence of the days of past proficiently.

Hell, even hockey can pull of some sweet, sweet unis.


Source: Sports Illustrated

Regardless, with the money-hungry owners of professional sports teams loving the jerseys sales when throwback night comes around, I don’t see this trend going anywhere anytime soon. Thank goodness. The look of the Houston Astros’ “Tequila Sunrise” is always thoroughly intoxicating. Cheers to that.