Don’t Sleep on Brother Kamau

Staff Writer: Orian Johnson

Cover art for A Gorgeous Fortune

Alright, I’ve talked about Khalid already but he’s very popular and well known, and I want to talk about somebody who isn’t. Everybody’s had that one friend who told them to listen to this one artist or song. In my case it’s Kamau. An artist that, in my opinion has much more power behind his lyrics. That’s not to downplay Khalid’s talent in any way, but I do believe that if you listen to his music you’ll understand what I’m trying to say here. Kamau has currently only released the EP A Gorgeous Fortune with six songs in terms of anything large scale. Though categorized as rap, this doesn’t even begin to describe what he’s able to do with his lyrics. Sometimes in the same song-in some not on the EP as well-a single genre just won’t completely cover every aspect of the song. Still, those six songs all cover a lot of ground. From heartbreak to the multiple aspects of intimacy and relationships, even the ever present topic of police brutality. Aside from the songs on his EP, he has tracks on his YouTube channel that are also just as powerful and catchy. Three of these are what he calls “interpretations” of other songs. These interpretations include Hey Ya by Outkast(a personal favorite), Hometown Glory by Adele, and most recently Mask Off by Future. I recommend saving these for last after listening to the EP because they just have so much emotion and passion put into them, and at the end of them there’s an added verse that truly demonstrates how he interprets the music. Surprisingly enough, these three are more popular than the six on his EP, if that says anything about how good they are. The channel also features remixes of Jusfayu, one of which features different lyrics and a different melody as well. Speaking of that song, Kamau collaborates with other artists like No Wyld, who was featured in Jusfayu and Talibah Safiya who was featured in another song exclusively on the channel, Mint. Jambo, a song from the EP was actually featured in Madden NFL 17 and FIFA 17. All I’m trying to get you as the reader to do is listen to something of his. If you’re not feeling it, oh well, to each their own. However, if you find him to be a new favorite of yours, I encourage you to be that one aforementioned friend and spread his music to others, because Kamau definitely deserves more attention.