Top 5 Underrated DC Animated Movies

 Writer: Kameron Henry

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With the current rise of superhero movies people love to compare DC and Marvel. From the movie aspect Marvel seems to winning with smash hits like the Avengers, Doctor Strange, Captain America. While DC is being left behind with Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad not doing so well. In the wake of Wonder Woman being the only good DC live action movie to date, this reminded me that DC has fantastic animated movies that no wants to talk about. So here are my top 5 most underrated DC movies.


  • Justice League: War


This movie is on my list because it’s a different retelling of how the most iconic superhero team came together. You don’t see them being all friendly and willing to help each other, They bicker and fun of each other, while fighting to save the planet. The fighting in the movie is great and kept going with an amazing story. This movie will get you even more excited for the live-action Justice League movie coming in 2018.


  • Batman: The Killing Joke


This movie is a retelling of the famous comic book of the same name featuring the clown king himself, The Joker. For a little while, Warner Bros put the film into the theatres for a limited weekend showing. Fans of comic were especially excited for the R rating. Because for the darkness of the comic, they wanted to keep the dark feeling and put it on the screen. Fan or not this movie is great story of a detective versus the clown king of terror.


  • Son of Batman


I'm not going to lie this movie is on my personality top 5 lists. This movie has a fantastic story. It tells us how Batman finds out that he has a son named Damian Wayne. He has been trained by assassins, and now decided that he should become the new Robin. This movie shows the struggle of Damian turning into Batman’s sidekick. The combat in this movie is stunning. If you have any free time this is a great watch.


  • Teen Titans VS Justice League


This is a cool movie to watch with your friends. The movie is about how the Teen Titans got together and how they had to fight the greatest team in the universe: the Justice League. It has its moments, all-in-all a good time seeing soon-to-be heroes fight their mentors.


  • Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox


This movie is a great example of the butterfly effect. This movie is about what would happen if Barry Allen ,AKA The Flash, went back and saved his mother from getting murdered. When he does this, he alters all of his fellow heroes lives. This movie gives us all the “what if” scenarios that we wanted. I definitely recommend this movie.