SoundCloud Artist Of The Week

Writer: Bryanna Houser



Twitter profile of AlxndrSounds

AlxndrSounds; soultry, smooth, stunning. These are all words I would use to describe the types of sounds that you will hear from this young man. From your first listen to your last, you will undoubtedly feel his struggle and pain in his latest EP, “Kids”.

Alex Stewart-Johnson, also known as AlxndrSounds, is a Texas bred R&B artist that recently graduated from Summit high school and plans on attending University of Central Arkansas in the fall. It’s nearly impossible to detect his young age in his music due to his vulnerability and deep lyrics. In “Kids” he tells all about his struggles of growing up in a broken home and how that affected him.


Cover art for Kids

Dear Dad” is definitely the most heartbreaking track on the EP. Alx lets the listeners into his world with this “dear diary” style song. In it he address the fact that his father seemingly only presented him and his siblings with love and gifts when it pleased him to win them over, and hide the fact that he had other children with different women at the same time.

Dear Dad” is only one of the many amazing tracks Alx has in his arsenal, “That’s life” and “Too Long” are just a few other songs to fall in love with. I chose AlxndSounds to be my “SoundCloud Artist of the Week” because his treble heavy voice and hard hitting beats will have you hypnotized every time.

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