Jay Z’s Reimagining of “Friends” is Jaw Dropping

Writer: Bryanna Houser

Jay Z                                              Still picture of Moonlight video


           Jay Z’s latest short film for his album ‘4:44’ is a genius, artistic ball of shade. In his all black casting of the hit 90’s show “Friends”, he references the moment that “La La Land” wrongfully won the Oscar award for Best Picture over Moonlight.

    The writers and producers of Friends were often criticized for their lack of diversity in the shows decade long run on air, which only makes the video that much more satisfying to watch. With the same exact script from the original show, many would think that this is simply a recreation of the season 3 episode, but it is so much more than that. This production hits the hard topic of the quality of black roles (or lack there of ) in American entertainment.

    During a break, Ross’ character ( Jerrod Carmichael ) is shown offset talking to another actor (Hannibal Buress) about the types of roles that are offered to people of color. At the end of the film, Carmichael is seen escorted off the Friends set by Rachel (Issa Rae) to sit outside and bask in the moonlight, only deepening the meaning of the film.

    The seemingly perfect casting makes us only wish that this was a televised series that we could enjoy every week. Unfortunately, the only way to see the full video is to have a subscription with Tidal, but if you would like to view the trailer click here, https://youtu.be/itJDTcik03U