10 Underated Musicians


Writer: Tanya Nasimiyu

With all the diverse and new music coming out this year, there is still an array of musicians who don't get the credit their music truly deserves. I have curated a list of 10 artists who stepped up to the plate this year with new music that is definitely worth the listen.

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10. Cuco

Cuco is an L.A singer who makes love songs for hopeless romantics in the digital age. His songs almost sound like an exotic lullaby especially when he adds spanish into the mix. His popularity grew rapidly in the past 6 months and it serves him well because his music is worth the listen.



Lo Que Siento

Lover Is A Day

Cupid’s Quiver

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9. Danger Incorporated

Danger Incorporated is made up of two people, Louie Dufflebags and Boothlord. The two heavily credit artists like Yung Lean for their influence and it can be heard in their sound. The duo recently signed with Awful Records and have gone on their first tour so their come up is not that far.



Atlanta Neighborhood




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In my opinion, HOMESHAKE makes music for Ikea and Solange fans, but there's something about his music that is just enchanting. Whether it be his voice or his production that blows it out of the water. HOMESHAKE will be heading out on his sold out tour this fall which is much deserved for his music.




Give it to me

Every Single Thing


7. Steve Lacy

Not only was he nominated for a grammy at just 16 with his band The Internet, Steve Lacy has worked with Kendrick Lamar and J Cole as well. California heartthrob Steve Lacy makes short guitar ballads that you can dance to and enjoy and his recent EP definitely deserve a listen.



Dark Red

Dothers may song




6. Spooky Black/ Corbin

At one point, everyone's on my twitter was retweeting Spooky Black’s song Without You. After he released his record in 2014 he took a hiatus only to return this year with a song as his real name Corbin. With his smooth production and smooth voice his music without a doubt shouldn't be left without a listen.




Personal touch


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5. Goldlink

Honestly Goldlink never went wrong anywhere. After being a 2015 xxl freshman, he released hit after hit but no one really payed much attention, until this year's release of his album At What Cost. His single Crew should have been a summer bop especially after the Gucci Mane remix. Remix or no remix, his album truly hit the mark.




Palm Trees


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4. Noname

Formerly Noname gypsy, Chicago native’s lyricism was heavily noted in her project Telefone. Before making music she was known for her spoken word poems which can be heard in her songs very distinctly. She left a mark by rapping about being marginalized as a black woman but also attaching melodies to it that make it very likeable.



Sunny Duet

Casket Pretty

All I Need

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CHXPO is my favorite guilty pleasure. Especially when he's paired with producer Oogiemane. He makes songs that needs to be played in cars and never fails to make a bop with any songs he releases. With his love for anime and bumping lyrics he's definitely going to go far.




Stylin For Respect

Lil Home Invasion


2. Divine Council

Armed with iconic producer Icytwat and rappers Silkmoney, Cyrax and Lord Linco, the group has a killer arsenal to make hits after hits. After Andre 3000 remixing their song recently, popularity has grown for the rap group and hopefully it will encourage them to deliver more hits like the Council World project.



Talking Down

P. Sherman (PSWW$)


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1. Brockhampton

Texas natives Brockhampton is the Odd Future follow up we needed if they went to college and put out music. The group formed on a Kanye West forum and have since moved to L.A to become a self proclaimed “Boy Band”. The group has about 14 members who do different things from photography and videography to rapping and graphic design. With their first album Saturation that just came out this year, they managed to show everything they have and more with killer visuals and killer music to accompany it.